Samsung king earns 770 million USD in Apple money without the need for a new model 1

Samsung just made $ 770 million from Apple without losing any sweat

In particular, the apple is said to be contracted to buy 100 million OLED panels to equip the iPhone. With costs $ 70 per screen, this is the most expensive component on an iPhone. Apple Hopefully Face ID technology will help iPhone X sell well, despite high prices that are caused by expensive screen costs.

After 2 years, not only iPhone X but the successor iPhone XS also has sales not as expected. Samsung has built its own line to produce screens for Apple, but low iPhone sales make the number of screens ordered to produce not meet the initial target.

According to the PhoneArena, Samsung was very smart when adding a compensation clause in the contract if the actual order was not as expected.

Specifically, Korean media reported that the "mysterious" number is about 765.5 million USD in Samsung Display's revenue is the amount of compensation from Apple for not putting enough OLED screens as signed.

OLED displays on Apple's iPhones are manufactured by Samsung. Photo: PhoneArena.

This can be considered a "relief" amount when Samsung Display's revenue last year dropped sharply from USD 4.9 billion down 2.3 billion USD.

Apple is also said to put more OLED panels for iPad and Mac. Since there is no official information from insiders, the amount is close 770 million USD may only be a reservation cost for the next screen purchase.

In addition, other sources from South Korea said that Apple is "tired" of Korean suppliers, so it sought a broker to ensure business efficiency, in this case the Material Innovation Center. LG Electronics Manufacturing and Equipment.

Samsung king earns 770 million USD in Apple money without the need to install it 2
The compensation from Apple is said to help Samsung Display's revenue increase sharply this year. Photo: The Elec.

According to a representative from LG, Apple is "not trusting Korean suppliers, so it will not deal directly with them or sign contracts with them." That means Korean companies that want to partner with Apple must go through a broker that is LG Electronics' hub.

This information seems to reveal an interesting fact: Apple does not want to "lag behind" Samsung. Currently the Korean company is almost exclusively in the market for high-end mobile OLED displays. Instead of looking for another supplier, Apples accepts to sit down to negotiate to continue using Samsung's screen.


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