Samsung is interested in another operating system to replace Android

Samsung is interested in another operating system to replace Android

( There is solid evidence that Samsung has started researching to replace Android with another operating system.

Samsung could be one of the first tech companies to replace Android with Google’s Fuchsia, an open-source operating system that the Mountain View-based corporation has been developing since 2016.

Unlike Android, Fuchsia OS is not only for smartphones and tablets, but also for a wide range of products, with a focus on connected devices. It will also be easier to update than Android, which means consumers won’t have to depend on device manufacturers to update directly with Google. This will ease the burden on the producer quite a bit.

Late last year, Google opened Fuchsia to allow development contributions from the community, and not long ago Samsung became an early participant. The Korean company added code snippets related to “Flash-Friendly File System”, often abbreviated to “F2FS”. It’s an open source file system designed by Samsung for the flash storage architecture and is said to be faster than the ext4 file system used by many Android devices.

Leaker Ice Universe has now indicated that future Samsung devices can use the new platform. And of course, if Google decides to replace Android with a new operating system, Samsung – and other manufacturers – will have no choice. Therefore, early joining Google in Fuchsia development may be the way to Samsung to catch the trend.


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