Samsung is developing 2nd generation Galaxy Fold with a larger screen, with S-Pen pen - Photo 1.

Samsung is developing the 2nd generation Galaxy Fold with a larger screen, with an S-Pen

2019 has never been seen as five fold-screen mobile devices that will become popular, but at least, we expect to see some such devices sold on the market in quantities available. term in global key markets at the end of summer. But in the end, that may not happen to both Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X; And even though the Galaxy Fold is experiencing a multitude of product quality issues, forcing the company to delay its launch time to an unspecified time, rumors about its next version have begun to appear. .

When you hear it, you'll find it unreasonable for Samsung to develop a 2nd generation Galaxy Fold before the first generation is really stable in performance and design, ready to users. But people, from smartphone manufacturers to market research companies, seem to agree that folding screen design is the future of an industry that hasn't been successful in a few years. come back here.

Therefore, we should not be surprised if Samsung plans to launch many generations of Galaxy Fold. The production process challenges will sooner or later be resolved, and at that time, the company needs to be prepared to enter the next phase of the booming folding screen smartphone.

The screen is bigger, the fold is the same, and an upgrade is welcome

There are many conflicting rumors surrounding the Galaxy Fold 2. A newsletter from The Elec has given information that is in stark contrast to what ETNews has revealed. The hypothesis is, what if both devices are rumored to be really developing Galaxy Fold 2 versions? We are talking about a smaller model, a 6.7-inch screen, with the same form of folding as the old Motorola Razr, and a larger version, an 8-inch screen, with the same form of folding as the Galaxy Fold. first generation. This 8-inch screen device will have a small 4.6-inch external screen.

Unfortunately, we don't know if Galaxy Fold 2 will have a similar external screen or larger than the previous one. We just "know" that Samsung intends to support the S-Pen for the larger Galaxy Fold, which essentially turns it into a folding 10-screen Note. I don't know why Samsung didn't do it right from the 1st generation, but anyway it's more than never!

The Galaxy Fold first generation has been canceled?

An interesting information is that Galaxy Fold 2 is now expected to be released in December 2019 or "at the beginning of next year". If Samsung complies with that schedule, it is unclear when the Galaxy Fold first generation will come back to the market.

Samsung is developing 2nd generation Galaxy Fold with a larger screen, with S-Pen pen - Photo 2.

Considering a lot of skepticism surrounding the Galaxy Fold's fault design, the best solution is probably … cancel it and shift the full force to a more innovative product, with a larger main screen and support. S-Pen. However, Samsung may not want to surrender to rival Huawei, so it is still possible that the company will release a small amount of Galaxy Fold in August or September, then continue to switch to the 2nd generation.

Reference: PhoneArena

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