Samsung is developing a slim-type folding screen smartphone, measuring 6.7 inches, launched in 2020 - Photo 1.

Samsung is developing a slim, 6.7-inch folding screen smartphone, launched in 2020

According to Korean media, Samsung is developing a clamshell-style screen smartphone. It will fold horizontally and has a 6.7-inch OLED display. Moreover, the leaked information also shows that this smartphone will be launched soon in 2020.

Information about clamshell screen smartphone has appeared from a long time ago. The 6.7 inch screen will have a horizontal fold between the camera body. This new approach helps the device fit into the user's pocket even in open mode. Its overall size will be greatly reduced compared to Galaxy Fold.

In addition, the device will have an extra 1-inch screen to display useful information or announcements.

Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Fold, the first smartphone screen to fold in February, at MWC 2019. The South Korean giant plans to sell the Galaxy Fold from April 26 but has finally been postponed by substance-related incidents. screen amount.

Currently, it is unclear when the new Galaxy Fold will come back to the shelf. However, it is clear that the Galaxy Fold incident cannot prevent Samsung from pursuing folding screen designs, which are considered the future of the mobile industry.

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