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Samsung is developing a new generation Galaxy Watch Active?

Samsung introduced the Galaxy Watch Active with Galaxy S10 in February this year. This smart watch model has a new and improved design, so it is popular with many users.

Most recently, the Sammobiles site has posted exclusive information saying that Samsung is developing the Galaxy Watch Active 2.

Specifically, according to the information shared from the Sammobiles site, it seems that the Galaxy Watch Active 2 model will have a design quite similar to its predecessor when there is no rotation border, making the swiping operation of the user become comfortable. more comfortable and convenient. In addition, the source said Samsung may bring some design tweaks on the new generation smartwatch, but its overall design will be similar to the Galaxy Watch Active.

It is currently unknown when Samsung will release the Galaxy Watch Active 2. Many people are expecting this smart watch to appear with the Galaxy Note 10 in August. However, due to Galaxy Watch Active only Just released four months ago, Samsung may not have taken its successor to the market. Therefore, if you are interested in this product, please visit Sforum.vn news page regularly to get the latest information!

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