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Samsung held a lucky draw program … Huawei smartphone in China

Not Galaxy S10 or Galaxy Note 9, but the lucky draw gift organized by Samsung is a Huawei smartphone.

Even while Huawei is facing difficulties in technology business with the US, right in the home market of China, Samsung is organizing a lucky draw program, and the gift Any Galaxy S10 or Galaxy Note 9, which is a Huawei smartphone, namely Huawei Nova 4e.

In fact, the organizer of this lucky draw program is Samsung ISOCELL, responsible for producing ISOCELL camera sensors for smartphones, and Huawei Nova 4e as one of ISOCELL Bright-equipped smartphones. GD1. Accordingly, to promote camera sensors, Samsung has organized Huawei smartphone lucky draw program for users.

Unlike many other smartphone manufacturers, Samsung is primarily responsible for designing and manufacturing many electronic components, including monitors, microprocessors, image sensors and more. These components are sold by Samsung to other manufacturers who need to equip their smartphones, just as Huawei buys the ISOCELL Bright GD1 sensor to equip the Nova 4e.

Sforum - 190314-huawei-nova-4e-hands-on-malaysia-1-3000x1688 latest technology information page Samsung organizes the lucky draw program ... Huawei smartphone in China

Although Samsung is currently the world's largest smartphone manufacturer, however, in the Chinese market, the company has succumbed to the fierce competition from domestic manufacturers such as OPPO, Huawei, Vivo. , … According to data from Counterpoint Research, the market share of Samsung smartphones in China accounted for less than 1% within the last 5 financial quarters, while Huawei accounted for 34% of the market share only in the last quarter.

Therefore, it is understandable that Samsung must increase revenue by selling components to other firms, rather than trying to do business in the smartphone segment.

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