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Samsung has trouble in Australia because the ad is not close to the actual experience?

Australia's consumer watchdog recently sued Samsung on charges of deceiving consumers when advertising falsely about the waterproof features of Galaxy phones.

Samsung is currently in big trouble with Australian regulators because it seems they have broadcast hundreds of ads on TV to show off the seawater resistance of some Galaxy phones.

According to Phone Arena, IP water resistance standards are only true for drinking water or tap water. Therefore, the Australian Consumer Competition Commission (ACCC) – a consumer supervision agency – has accused Samsung of deceiving consumers when not conducting the necessary tests to confirm their Galaxy smartphones will Water resistant in situations described in advertising, which is underwater photography in the pool or under the sea.

"The ACCC accuses Samsung ads of misleading information to users. Samsung ads make users mistakenly believe that Galaxy smartphones are suitable for use in or in contact with all kinds of water, including seawater and water in swimming pools without being affected by transparent durability. life cycle while truth is not like that ”, Rod Sims, ACCC president announced.

It is known that in the worst case, Samsung will be fined by ACCC of up to 7 million USD or about 10% of Samsung Australia's revenue. The regulator said that some customers were denied warranty service for water-related issues. As for Samsung, they said they provided users with support and warranty measures in accordance with the company's policies and the Australian Consumer Law. Therefore, the ad above may still continue.

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