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Samsung has just launched a special version of Galaxy Note 10 for "virtual money".

With a total of 4 different Galaxy S10 versions with 4 Galaxy Note 10 and 2 Galaxy Fold versions ready to be launched, Samsung's high-end phone series this year has reached 10.

For many other phone companies, this may be a "dream" number, but Samsung seems still not satisfied. The proof is that recently, this South Korean manufacturer has just launched a blockchain version of Galaxy Note 10, targeted at virtual investors.

According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, the aforementioned special edition of the Galaxy Note 10 will only be sold in Korea under the name "KlaytnPhone".

It is named after a blockchain platform developed by Kakao, a Korean online messaging company. WSJ said KlaynPhone will have a cryptocurrency wallet as well as built-in blockchain applications. In addition, it provides users with "a certain number" of Klay, a digital currency produced by Kakao.

In fact, the idea of ​​phones is not new. Samsung has integrated cryptocurrency wallets into some Samsung Galaxy S10 series, while HTC also has a blockchian phone. WSJ said some other Android phones already have Klaytn blockchain application. However, only KlaytnPhone "offers the most complete experience of the depth of trading services available on this blockchain platform."

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