Samsung has applied for the Space Zoom trademark to EUIPO

Samsung has applied for the Space Zoom trademark to EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office). Presumably, it is the name of the lossless zoom technology on Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S11. The Galaxy S11 is expected to be launched in February, and the flagship features include some major upgrades to the camera.

Space Zoom suggested that Samsung is working hard to bring lossless zoom to the Galaxy S11. Recently there have been rumors that Samsung calls the camera on the Galaxy S11 Hubble, and the flagship store will use a periscope camera to provide 5x optical zoom.

Speaking of cameras, Samsung has been using flagship phones for safe playback. So far, when brands like Huawei provide 50x zoom, the company has provided 2x zoom support. The 5x optical zoom will be a good upgrade to the Galaxy S10, but Samsung may not stop there.

There are also reports that the Galaxy S11 will be equipped with a 108MP main camera. Samsung will use the 108MP ISOCELL Bright HMX sensor jointly developed by the company and Xiaomi. The high-megapixel sensor and lossless zoom function indicate that Samsung is seeking some major upgrades to the camera to cope with competition.

Apple, Google and Huawei have been working to improve the cameras on their flagship products through hardware and computational photography. Google’s Pixel 4 has astrophotography capabilities, and Apple has introduced an impressive night mode feature on the iPhone 11. Samsung knows that it needs to keep up with the development of the times, so you can expect the Galaxy S11 to have some interesting features, of which 5x optical zoom is one of them. among them.

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