Samsung has advised users to scan the QLED TV every few weeks - Photo 1.

Samsung has advised users to scan the QLED TV for viruses every few weeks

Nearly everything with internet connectivity can be hacked, including smart TV. Recently, Samsung also acknowledged that their QLED TV series may be infected with viruses or malware.

On Sunday, Samsung's support account in the US shared a video that instructs users to scan viruses on smart TVs on Twitter. Comes with the video is the status line: "Scan your computer to remove malicious code, the virus is one of the important things to make it run smoothly. This also applies to your QLED TV if it is connected to WiFi! Attack by malware on your TV by scanning the TV for viruses every few weeks according to the following instructions ".

Samsung America's screenshot of the status line with video on Twitter

On Monday morning, Samsung proceeded to delete the video. Responding to users' questions about the purpose of the video, Samsung said it posted it to educate customers and considered it a troubleshooting step, not in response to any threat.

The CNET news page asked Samsung about the purpose of the video but has not yet received an answer.

To scan for viruses on the Samsung QLED TV, you need to go to settings (Settings), then go to the general (General) section. Scroll down in the global catalog, you will see the system manager, click it and find the smart security option (smart security) and then select scan. This process will activate the anti-virus software built into the TV so it can scan and remove the virus for you.

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