Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 has the same weight as Flip 5G

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 has the same weight as Flip 5G

( It looks like Samsung’s next clamshell phone can be folded with a weight of only 183g.

According to information published in the Ice Universe newspaper, Samsung’s next clamshell phone is called Galaxy Z Flip3 will have an “amazing” weight. Because the weight of the device is only 183g. Compared to its predecessor Flip 5G, the weight Galaxy Z Flip3 much lighter. However, a bit sad news for Samfan is that there is still not much information about this smartphone.

Samsung is expected to change the design of Galaxy Z Flip3 with a larger external display, sharing a frosted glass cover with the dual main camera. The total number of cameras is expected to be at three – possibly a wide, ultra-wide camera on the outside and a selfie camera on the inside (probably an under-screen camera like the one below). Galaxy Z Fold3).

Samsung may even ship Galaxy Z Flip3 The charger is included, but don’t get excited because it’s just a 15W charger.

It is expected that by July this year, about 7 million Samsung folding screen phones will be shipped.


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