Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 will become the name of the next generation of smart watches

Samsung is preparing to launch a new smart watch. This new gadget is expected to be released in August, and many details about this gadget have been published in the past few days.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 will become the name of the next generation of smart watches

This time, the device passed the NBTC certification and revealed a strange fact. According to her, the next generation of Korean smart watches will be called Samsung Galaxy Watch 3.

Since the Galaxy Watch 2 is not shown, this designation is surprising. In other words, everyone thinks this device will be launched this year, but Samsung seems to jump directly to Watch 3.

Guaranteed 41mm diameter version

In addition to the name, this certification also confirms the existence of a variant with a diameter of 41 mm. This will be provided with the 45mm version that has been confirmed by other institutions, providing different options for different tastes.

NBTC confirmed that Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 will be compatible with LTE. This means that the independence of smart watches and smartphones is higher, because smart watches will have their own network connection source (perhaps via eSIM).

The certification will not reveal more details about Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. Even so, we have made an important confirmation of its name, which helps to unravel the mystery surrounding this detail.

What to expect from the Galaxy Watch 3

The latest rumors indicate that the rotating bezel of the Galaxy Watch Active series is back. Critics highly appreciate this as a reward because it provides a unique interaction with the device interface.

Others talked about the existence of sensors for measuring blood pressure and the possibility of making electrocardiograms. Two functions aimed at user health will make it a strong competitor of Apple Watch.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 will be launched on August 5. This should be the date Samsung chooses to display the Galaxy Note 20, and it will be the ideal event to release its new smartwatch.

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