Samsung Galaxy S8 saved 20 lives in the Philippines - Photo 1.

Samsung Galaxy S8 saves 20 lives in the Philippines

Normally, news about smartphones usually includes only articles about new specifications and features. But sometimes there is information about the smartphone that helps save its owner 's life. Recently, a Samsung Galaxy S8 saved up to 20 people in the Philippines.

Last July 8, a boat carrying 16 divers and 4 Filipinos flipped over the waters off Bogo City, Cebu Province, Philippines. Fortunately, 30 minutes later, all 20 people were rescued after they called for rescue and shared GPS location through the Galaxy S8.

This Samsung smartphone belongs to Jim Emdee, a Canadian national. Despite being submerged in seawater, it still works thanks to IP68 water resistance. The incident happened just days after Samsung was accused of misleading claims about water resistance on the flagship Galaxy S. by Australia's Consumer and Competition Commission.

"I really hope my thanks come to Samsung's engineering team because they saved our lives. Only my S8 can connect and it runs well until we Emdee said, "It is more secure than I think, and that's what makes it so different."

"We are very happy to know that everyone is safe and Samsung smartphones have helped the rescue work. We will continue to produce devices that can assist users in an accident", James Jung, director of Samsung Electronics Philippines shared.

Taking this opportunity, Samsung also reminded users that their smartphones have emergency messaging features. When activated (go to Settings → Advanced features → Send SOS message), users can quickly press the power button 3 times to send an emergency message to the designated emergency number. Samsung also recommends that users turn on GPS positioning when traveling alone or in unfamiliar places.

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