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Samsung Galaxy S30 Ultra appeared extremely impressed with the secondary screen

Although the Galaxy Note 20 hasn’t been released yet, many tech fanatics have been thinking of the Galaxy S30 (possibly the Galaxy S21) early next year. That is also the reason why the concept of the Galaxy S30 Ultra was born. This design template was created by YouTube channel Technizo Concept.
Samsung Galaxy S30 Ultra appeared extremely impressed with the secondary screen

As you can see, the Galaxy S30 Ultra has a giant camera cluster on the back. However, in this large module, there are not only 5 camera lenses but also an extra screen on the side.

If using the secondary screen, users can still take selfies with the quality camera on the back. However, the front of the device still has a dual selfie camera, located in the pill-shaped hole in the upper left corner of the screen. If this selfie camera is hidden under the screen, it will make a stronger impression.

The Galaxy S30 Ultra still has a curved screen on the sides, but not as much as the Motorola Edge Plus or the Huawei Mate 30 Pro.

Regarding the set of 5 rear cameras, the source said that the Galaxy S30 Ultra is integrated with a 144 MP main camera, super wide-angle camera, periscope lens, 3D ToF sensor and possibly a macro camera. Periscope lenses can provide 10x optical zoom, digital zoom up to 100x.

The Galaxy S30 series is expected to launch in February 2021 and it’s still too early to talk about the S30, but with imagination nothing is impossible, right?

In fact, this Galaxy S30 Ultra concept is not something too far away, it’s quite practical, just adding an extra screen.

In your opinion, should Samsung launch a smartphone like the above design?

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