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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 can charge 5 times faster than S10?

Samsung has announced two new control chips for Power Delivery (PD) charging standards via USB Type-C. According to Samsung, two SE8A and MM101 chips both support charging with maximum capacity up to 100 W. This number is more than 6 times the charging capacity on the Galaxy S10 5G model.

The SE8A is also the driver chip for the first PD standard to incorporate security features that Samsung calls Secure Element. Meanwhile, MM101 has a humidity sensor to intervene, stop charging when the device gets water. MM101 also has AES authentication.

Build a Galaxy Note 10 with a hole-in-the-middle camera. Image: PhoneArena.

With new control chips, licensed chargers and connectors can charge at a much faster rate than current Samsung chargers. On the Galaxy S10, the maximum charging capacity is 15 W. On the Galaxy S10 5G version and some new Galaxy A models, Samsung has raised the charging capacity to 25 W.

Samsung thinks that with a charger that supports up to 100 W, users can use the same charger for both phones, laptops and monitors, saving space during long trips.

The SE8A control chip has been put into production, and MM101 is in the testing phase. So Samsung can promptly put this control chip into the Galaxy Note 10, expected to launch in the third quarter of 2019.

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Samsung has continuously launched new fast charging standards recently, including wired and wireless charging standards. Image: Samsung.

Fast charging is a feature that all smartphone companies pursue. Qualcomm provides QuickCharge charging standards for companies that use their components. Samsung has a standard for charging Fast Charge compatible with QuickCharge. Huawei developed its own SuperCharge charger with a capacity of 40 W on the P30 Pro.

Oppo has the Super VOOC charging standard, while the OnePlus brother uses the Warp Charge standard. In early 2019, Xiaomi also announced the "Super Charge Turbo" standard with a maximum capacity of 100 W.

Apple follows in the fast charging race. By the 2017 iPhone generation, Apple has integrated fast charging via PD standard. However, users still have to buy their own accessories including chargers and cables that can charge quickly for the iPhone. In the product box, Apple still only donated with the charger of 5 W capacity ever appeared nearly 10 years ago.

Page PhoneArena Considering that the combination of fast charging standards and large capacity batteries provides maximum convenience for users. Most smartphones with large batteries can be used all day without charging, and when charging, it only takes a few minutes to have enough batteries for the whole day.

Build Galaxy Note 10 with screen overflow border, 4 cameras According to recent leaked information, designers at Concept Creator created a build of the Galaxy Note 10 with 4 cameras and a borderline screen.


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