Samsung Galaxy Fold will bring it back to Windows 7 on the 1st

Samsung Galaxy Fold will return in July

According to the Gsmarena, a leader of Samsung have shared that Galaxy Fold will be sold in July. The company will also hold an event to introduce this model before it is sold.

The Galaxy Fold was released at the end of February. As planned, Samsung sold this model on April 26 at a price 1,980 USD. However, one week before being released, Galaxy Fold encountered many different errors, including a half-screen problem that lost visibility, appeared protruding points in the area of ​​screen folds …

Galaxy Fold can be released in July. Photo: Marques Brownlee.

The page's Dieter Bohn pen The Verge indicates that this protrusion distorts the screen and is palpable. He thought that some parts could emerge, touching the display panel.

Maybe Samsung has adjusted the hardware design on Galaxy Fold. Make sure this model does not encounter any problems before being officially released.

Galaxy Fold's most serious competitor is the Huawei Mate X 2,600 USD, scheduled to be released in the middle of this year. However, Huawei has been on the US blacklist. Some major partners stop cooperating, providing hardware and software for Huawei. This may cause Mate X not to be on the shelf as expected.


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