Samsung Galaxy Fold sold in South Korea from September 6, priced at 46 million VND / Samsung will sell Galaxy Fold in the Korean market on September 6 / Samsung Galaxy Fold 'revival', hit shelves on 6/9 in South Korea Quoc

The most anticipated phone of 2019 is originally expected to launch in the US in April, but is delayed due to a screen error detected in the prototype.

Galaxy Fold costs about 2.4 million won (US $ 1,982) in South Korea with two colors Cosmos Black and Space Silver. The world's largest phone maker also said the version with 5G and LTE connectivity is only available in a few countries such as the UK, France, Germany and the US.

Galaxy Fold is ready for use.

In July, Samsung issued an official announcement detailing the design improvements to the Galaxy Fold. These improvements include a revamp of the hinge structure as well as an extra layer of protection above the screen. Samsung hopes the improvements will prevent dust particles from entering and damaging the folding screen.

Samsung also launched a new service called "Galaxy Fold Premier Service". Although not detailed, but basically the user can call for advice and assistance from Samsung experts at any time. It seems that Samsung still fears Galaxy Fold smartphones will encounter problems during use. This service is included in the price of Galaxy Fold, which means users do not have to pay any extra fees.

The Galaxy Fold will debut right before the iPhone 11.

Last month, Chinese rival Huawei also delayed plans to launch its first foldable phone Mate X through September – the second delay this year.

South Korea's largest carrier SK Telecom hopes that the Galaxy Fold sales will help increase the number of 5G users, even though the market is having the fastest increase of 5G subscribers in the world since its deployment in early April. , surpassed the 2.5 million mark last week.


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