Samsung Galaxy Fold is ready to re-export

Samsung Galaxy Fold is ready to re-export

Samsung Galaxy Fold

At the seminar held on June 18 in Seoul, South Korea, Samsung Display Vice President Kim Seong Cheol said most of the Galaxy Fold screen problems were removed. Equipment ready for market launch.

Samsung Display, a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics, is the main folding screen supplier.

Initially, Fold is expected to hit shelves in April in the US and May in Korea. However, the release was postponed after some reviewers complained about the flickering screen and the middle fold after several times of opening and closing.

Rumors of Fold will be sold in July before Samsung announces the Note 10, but the company has denied it. So far, there has been no information about the official launch date of the device.

Mr. Kim expected high in Fold when saying: "If released, Galaxy Fold will receive much interest in the market".

Samsung Display officials forecast screen technology will play an important role in the 5G era and promote new products, such as rolled up screens.


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