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Samsung Galaxy Fold 5G version is certified in the US, ready for "return date"

The Galaxy Fold 5G network support version has just been certified, ready for the official sale day.

First released in February this year at the Unpacked Galaxy event, Samsung's first fold-up Galaxy Fold attracted a lot of attention from media and technology users. Although Samsung announced that it will be available at the end of April, however, after discovering a problem with the Galaxy Fold's folding screen, Samsung revoked the prototype and left the official sale date in the summer. now on.

Recently, according to reports from EMC, the Galaxy Fold 5G version was approved by the FCC certification agency in the US on June 3. EMC testing helps to ensure that devices that do not emit too much electromagnetic energy can interfere with other devices as well as harm users' health.

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Galaxy Fold will be sold with 2 main versions, the 4G version supports 2 sim (1 regular sim slot and 1 eSIM), and a 5G version has just been certified. With the 5G version, the device only has a single sim slot, and the battery of this version will also be smaller than the 4G sim version (4235mAh compared to 4380mAh). Besides the difference in mobile network support and battery capacity, the remaining hardware parameters of both versions are the same.

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Earlier, Samsung Electronics' vice president also confirmed that Samsung had completely fixed the Galaxy Fold screen-related problems and the device was ready to "attack the market." It is not clear when Samsung will begin deploying the plan to resell the Galaxy Fold, but it is very likely that the device will be ready for sale right before the Galaxy Note 10 is released in August.

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