Samsung Galaxy A52 5G has a constant design, upgraded both the camera and switched to high-performance dragon chip (Updating)

Samsung Galaxy A52 5G has a constant design, upgraded both the camera and switched to high-performance dragon chip (Updating)

When it comes to sales, the mid-range Galaxy A series are truly the phones that help Samsung compete fiercely with Huawei, Apple and Xiaomi. Following the success of Samsung Galaxy A51 with huge sales, some information about the successor version of Galaxy A52 5G has just been revealed. Let’s review the latest leaked information about Galaxy A52 5G through this article.

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Samsung Galaxy A52 5G leak (updated January 7)

Galaxy A52 5G
Galaxy A52 5G will be released soon. Source:

According to German online price comparison service provider Idealo, the Galaxy A52 4G is priced at 369 euros (about 10.2 million dong) and the Galaxy A52 5G is 449 euros (about 12.5 million dong). Of course, these are leaked prices and are expected to sell in the European market and are usually slightly higher than our Asian counterparts.

In addition, the certification photo from the Chinese 3C agency shows that the Galaxy A52 5G (model SM-A5260) will support 15W fast charging (9VDC, 1.67A).

More certification shows that the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G supports 15W fast charging and will be coming to the market soon

This certification does not reveal additional information, but based on previous sources, the Galaxy A52 5G will have a screen with a hole for the selfie camera and four rear cameras. The smartphone also has a 3.5mm headphone jack and a USB-C charging port. In addition, the Galaxy A52 5G is also believed to use the Snapdragon 750G chip. However, other details about RAM / ROM, or battery capacity, have yet to be revealed.

The Galaxy A52 5G has an almost unchanged design

According to pictures shared by famous leaker OnLeak. The photo shows that the Galaxy A52 5G has a design that looks similar to the Galaxy A51 senior, with a metal frame and the familiar plastic back. But thanks to the fact that Samsung integrates the material that makes up the case is Glasstic – a high-end plastic form and especially it sparkles with luxurious colors will help the machine stand out more when held in the hand.

However, the back is no longer curved like on the Galaxy A51, but in fact the Glasstic back of the Galaxy A52 5G has slightly curved edges similar to the 2.5D screen.

The back of the Galaxy A52 5G
The back of the Galaxy A52 5G has a larger and convex camera cluster than the old generation. Source:

In addition, like most Galaxy A-series phones launched in the past, the Galaxy A52 5G also owns a large rectangular camera cluster located in the top left corner. This is the design that Samsung has recently adopted for its flagships and towards the A series. This makes the new phone even more familiar to us.

Rectangular camera clusters
The back is outstanding with large rectangular camera clusters and convex. Source:

A quick look at the back of the Galaxy A52 5G, I immediately thought of the back of the Galaxy A51, perhaps not only for me to see it, I believe you or follow technology news will feel the same. But a closer look at the back, you will see that the device has two dark and light blue colors, with nice color gradients and more diagonal cuts.

Front of Galaxy A52 5G
The Galaxy A52 5G features an Infinity-O display with a punch hole design. Source:

In addition to the back with a beautiful camera cluster, right on the front you will see the device owns an Infinity-O screen, 6.5 inches in size, using an AMOLED panel, Full HD + resolution with thin and dark screen borders. Multi promises to bring a great entertainment experience. Along with that, the screen will have a punch hole design between the screen containing the selfie camera and integrated fingerprint sensor under the current trendy screen. This is a fairly familiar design to Samsung users, although this screen design is still considered the best at the moment.

The Galaxy A52 5G’s camera is upgraded compared to its seniors

One of the advantages of the Galaxy A52 5G that I want to talk about is that the rear camera cluster is placed in an L shape and LED flash is almost identical to the camera of the Note 20 Series. Recently, according to information leaked from GalaxyClub website in Korea, Galaxy A52 5G will have 4 cameras including main sensor with 64 MP resolution, a quite quality upgrade compared to 48 MP camera of Galaxy A51. This means that photos taken from the Galaxy A52 5G will produce sharper quality.

Galaxy A52 5G camera upgraded with 64 MP resolution. Source:

Currently there is no information about the macro camera parameters of the machine, but with the title of successor, the Galaxy A52 5G will be equipped with a macro camera with 5 MP resolution equal to Galaxy A51 or more. With the macro camera, it promises that, Galaxy A52 5G will produce “quality” and artistic photos.

In addition, information about the super wide-angle lens, depth sensor and selfie camera has not been revealed. Please wait patiently, I will update you with the latest information.

Galaxy A52 5G for strong performance with Dragon chip

Leaks from GeekBench 5 show that the Galaxy A52 5G will use the Snapdragon 750G, a low-cost 5G chip from Qualcomm that is very popular, comes with Adreno 619 GPU and RAM capacity. 6 GB, reaching 298 single-core and 1,001 multi-core points on GeekBench 5 test.

The Galaxy A52 5G’s GeekBench 5 score uses a Snapdragon 750G. Source:

With the configuration of Galaxy A52 5G promises to bring a higher performance than the old generation, everyday tasks as well as playing games with average graphics will not make this machine difficult. . In addition, the device will run Android 11 when shipped.

The Galaxy A52 5G uses the powerful Snapdragon 750G. Source:

Regarding the battery capacity of the device, there is currently no information leak at all. With the device supporting 5G network band and when using it will consume quite a lot of the machine’s energy, so I think that if equipped with a 5,000 mAh battery, the Galaxy A52 5G will allow a longer use time. , ensure you have a comfortable time of use in one day.

How do you feel about this Samsung Galaxy A52 5G? Please leave your comments below the comments!

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Samsung Galaxy A52

Screen: 6.5 “Chip: Snapdragon 720G octa-coreRAM: 6 GB, Internal memory: Rear camera: UpdatingFront camera: Updating

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