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Samsung Galaxy A50 reached 83 DxOMark points, nearly equal to iPhone 7!

Despite being a mid-range smartphone, Samsung Galaxy A50 is still equipped with 3 camera settings on the back. This helps Galaxy A50 score quite impressive in DxOMark's test.

According to DxOMark, the total score that Samsung Galaxy A50 achieved is 83 points. Although not really superior to 2019, but the surprising thing here is that the score of Galaxy A50 is on par with some high-end flagship in previous years: on par with LG G7 ThinQ, and only 1 difference or 2 points compared to Nokia 8 Sirocco and Apple iPhone 7.

In the photography section, Samsung's mid-range smartphone performed well with 85 points. The advantage of Galaxy A50 is excellent color reproduction, wide dynamic contrast range, light output and good white balance. The drawback is that the level of detail is only fine, low focusing speed in low light conditions, green and pink reproduction is not the same as reality.

Contrary to photography, the lower video point is only 79. The video recording quality is not high due to unstable focus and lack of detail. In return, the ability to reproduce colors and eliminate noise is quite good. Anti-shake feature during video recording has been impressive

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