Samsung announced to ensure the supply of three important materials from Japan - Photo 1.

Samsung claims to supply three important materials from Japan

Recently, Japan unexpectedly ordered restrictions on export of important materials to the mobile and semiconductor industry to Korea. So last week, Lee Jae-yong, Vice President of Samsung, had a business trip to Japan to find alternative semiconductor supplies.

In a meeting with the board of directors last Saturday to announce the results of the visit, Lee announced that he had secured supplies for the three main materials that the Japanese limited export. In addition, according to Mr. Lee, Samsung also has a number of spare materials, ensuring the operation of the line for a period of time.

Although it is not known how big Lee is to ensure that Samsung's supplies and supplies are large, it is clear that the "Crown Prince Samsung" effort will help Samsung's production line not fall into the situation. deadlock.

Samsung representatives declined to comment on the issue.

According to Korean media, during his trip, Mr. Lee planned to meet some of Japan's big banks and chip makers. Lee Jae-yong is the only son of Lee Kun-hee, President of Samsung Group. Despite being the Vice President, currently most of Samsung's activities are run by Lee Jea-yong because Lee Kun-hee's health is weak.

According to Bloomberg, an internal source revealed that although the number of each type of material in the warehouse varies, the average amount of backup materials of Samsung can ensure the operation of the production line in a month. The source added that in parallel with alternative sourcing, Samsung is also preparing options such as reducing production or even temporarily stopping some production lines if Japanese – Korean tensions continue. to act.

In a meeting with the directors, Mr. Lee also ordered leaders under preparation of contingency plans for worse cases in the future.

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