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Samsung claims 5 years from now, no one will use smartphones

Samsung is trying its best to bring Galaxy Fold folding screen smartphone to the market. Fold is really important to Samsung because it considers it a bridge between the present and a future without smartphones.

"Smartphone design has reached its limit, which is why we designed a folding screen phone"., Kang Yun-Je, head of Samsung Electronics' design team, announced. "But we are also focusing on other devices that are starting to make a big impact on the market like smart headsets and smartwatch. In the next 5 years or a little longer, people won't recognize them. Wearing multi-use screens, the transition experience will happen seamlessly. "

"10 years ago was the era of smartphones", DJ CEO Koh shared. "From this year, with the emergence of Internet wrestling (IoT) and 5G, AI and the blending of these technologies, maybe a new era is opening. A new era is opening up before them. I ".

According to Diego Cibils, co-founder of AI Kona software firm, our future is very similar to what happens in Star Trek or Minority Report. "Smartphone is a great device for what I think is the transition between the era of desktop computing and the era of free computing", Cibils said.

Instead of carrying a small screen device with you, in the future, multi-screen smart devices and multiple connections in each location will allow people to do what they are doing on smartphones. In the future, around us will have flexible screens mounted on the wall, on the car, wrapped around the wrist or even attached to clothes.

From watching videos and listening to music to reading messages and answering calls, you can get the same experience no matter where you are.

"Folding screen devices can exist for a few years", Cibils said. "A new design can be released but I think that when 5G and IoT become popular, we have to think beyond smartphones, focusing on smart devices. Smartphones can decline but devices new will appear to replace ".

You can see Samsung's future vision of life through the video below:

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