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Samsung can launch a 6.7-inch vertical screen smartphone next year

Not long ago, a leak revealed information that Samsung is planning to develop 2 more folding screen smartphones with designs that are much different than Galaxy Fold.

Now, the new report from Korea has just announced that one of the two smartphone folding screens Samsung is developing will have a shell-like form factor. Thus, it is likely that this will be a smart phone that can be folded vertically. The device is said to have a 6.7-inch OLED display and can be released next year.

Galaxy Fold

According to Sammobiles, an earlier report from Bloomberg stated that Samsung has created vertical phone models that are in the process of refining the design. This device is also said to have an extra monitor on the outside.

Today's report describes a device that is quite similar to the previously mentioned smartphone. Specifically, this phone will have 6.7 inch OLED panels folded around a horizontal axis, similar to a flip phone. When this device is folded, it will have a 1-inch screen on the front to display simple information.

Thus, if Samsung finally released such a device, it seems that this will be a better user approach than the Galaxy Fold. Because of the 6.7-inch screen, this phone is no bigger than a regular smartphone when opened, and when folded, it will be extremely compact for users to easily carry with them. Let's wait and see if Samsung will bring surprises to fans in the future!

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Article source: Sammobile


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