Samsung asked Apple to pay a fine for not buying enough OLED panels as committed - Photo 1.

Samsung asked Apple to pay a fine for not buying enough OLED panels as promised

According to ET News, Samsung is not happy because Apple does not order enough iPhone screens as committed. Currently Samsung is seeking financial penalties for Apple because it does not meet the order limit – this also means Apple will lose hundreds of millions of dollars because of this.

The iPhone X launched in 2017 is Apple's first iPhone to use an OLED display. Since then, Samsung is still the world's largest supplier of OLED displays, so Apple has few options other than taking supplies from Samsung. The iPhone XS and XS Max also use Samsung screens.

Therefore, Apple and Samsung signed an agreement in 2017, whereby Apple will get a better price if they buy a certain number of Samsung screen panels in the coming years.

However, with iPhone sales declining significantly since last year, Apple has not reached this sales limit. Therefore, Samsung believes that Apple must pay a fine.

This is not for Samsung's greed. In fact, to meet Apple's own needs, Samsung has invested millions of dollars to redesign its manufacturing plants. It's not fair for Samsung when those investments don't bring anything.

Not surprisingly, Apple is offering another solution.

Apple is trying to renegotiate the deal by buying more panels from Samsung but for other products, such as laptops or tablets. If successful, we can see an iPad or MacBook Pro using OLED displays in the near future. But it seems Samsung is disagreeing and wants to receive more cash.

Refer to Android Authority

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