Samsung appoints a new "mobile leader" to curb Chinese brands - VnReview

Samsung appoints a new “mobile leader” to curb Chinese brands – VnReview

The next captain of Samsung’s mobile division will face new challenges, especially to prevent the expansion of Huawei and other Chinese smartphone companies.

In the past few years, people may have become accustomed to names like Apple CEO Tim Cook or DJ. Koh of Samsung Mobile. However the role of Mr. DJ. Koh will change from now on.

Specifically, Samsung has just made a decision to change the series of personnel positions. A total of 9 personnel positions changed. DJ. Koh and three other executives will focus on developing other parts of the company, including information technology and mobile communications.

Follow PhoneArenaThe one who replaces Mr. Koh will be Roh Tae-moon. He joined Samsung in 1997 and is also responsible for the development of Samsung’s Galaxy series of smartphones. He is known for his technical interest and is very meticulous in developing the features on his phone.

At 52, Roh is one of Samsung’s youngest executives and his new goal is to rejuvenate the Galaxy brand and take it to new heights.

In addition to Roh, Samsung also promoted Cheun Kyung-whoon, the head of the mobile network business, as president of the mobile network business. Samsung is working out a strategic plan to take advantage of the U.S. ban on Huawei’s 5G network devices.

Roh is expected to make his first appearance at the launch event of the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Flip Z smartphone on February 11.

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