Salty lemon juice in the morning: why the habit of the CEO of Twitter is not for everyone

Salty lemon juice in the morning: why the habit of the CEO of Twitter is not for everyone

The trend of “healthy”And detox is everywhere, even on Twitter premises. As evidenced by the recent tweet from a social worker, who posted a photo of a conference given by Jack Dorsey, who is none other than the CEO of Twitter. The latter, known to regularly share his health habits, including the practice of intermittent fasting, said that he began his mornings with a “salt juice”. It’s actually abouta mixture of water, Himalayan salts, and lemon juice. The New york times, who recently drew the portrait of the 42-year-old businessman, even claims that he would have made this drink available at Twitter offices around the world.

But if this habit seems very healthy, especially due to the presence of thelemon juice, known for its digestive properties and its vitamin C intake, it would not be suitable for everyone, far from it. It’s the Himalayan salt which raises questions, because if salt is an important ingredient for our balance, our high salt diet is often more than enough. Adding salt to our food in the morning, we risk exceed the recommended salt intake. Beware of cardiovascular risks.

Salt is something that your body does not produce, so we need to get it from outside sources ”, said to Business Insider Wendy Bazilian, dietician with a doctorate in public health. “When we eat regularly, making several meals a day, it is certain that we have about a quarter of a teaspoon per day (500 mg) necessary for our basic biological needs.Added the dietician.

Except for athletes, people working in a hot environment, hypotension or suffering from malnutrition, there is no reason to opt for a salted lemon juice in the morning. Better opt for the salt-free version if you want to benefit from the benefits of lemon juice without risking consequences on his health.

Source: Business Insider

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