You may not know: the first year of Apple Watch sales is a failure - Photo 1.

Sales in the first year of the Apple Watch is a failure

Jony Ive, the famous designer of Apple – the person behind iconic products like iPod, iPhone and iPad – left the company. This event raises doubts that Apple's design team has lost its role and the company is being run by experts rather than innovative "brains."

Apple Watch sales in the first year are not as expected by Apple

Time will give us the most accurate answer on this issue. Recently, the Wall Street Journal has revealed some interesting details about Apple's "internal story".

The source said Ive was the one to push the iPhone experience down to the Apple Watch, despite concerns from other executives that such a small device would not have the app to convince people to buy. . But this disagreement was later ignored by Tim Cook and agreed to approve the project.

You may not know: sales in the first year of the Apple Watch is a failure - Photo 2.

The person behind Apple's Apple Watch project

Ive is the person behind the watch's rectangular design and also monitors the software interface. He met with software engineers on a daily basis and gave the idea of ​​hexagonal application grid on the clock interface.

Ive tried to change the views of other senior executives on how to locate the watch that he considered a fashion accessory (others see it as an iPhone extension). In the end, what happened was a compromise when Apple sold the Apple Watch, which works closely with the iPhone, but also launched a gold fashion version with sophisticated design and a price of up to $ 17,000.

But this is interesting detail: in the first year, the Apple Watch sales completely failed to meet internal expectations. Apple has sold 10 million units compared to the target of 40 million units the company has launched from the beginning.

Even thousands of gold Apple Watch are in stock because they cannot be sold.

Shortly thereafter, Jony Ive told Tim Cook that he wanted to withdraw from his daily management duties.

Reference: PhoneArena

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