Saint-Jérôme courthouse 36 months in prison for her violent ex-spouse

Saint-Jérôme courthouse 36 months in prison for her violent ex-spouse

In the wake of the eight feminicides, we wondered how harsh the courts are towards violent men. Tuesday, at the Saint-Jérôme courthouse, a repeat offender in the matter was sentenced to an overall sentence of 36 months in prison.

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Indeed, Judge Serge Cimon did not give a gift to the ex-spouse of Nancy Boucher, a citizen of Greater Montreal, a mother of a family, who showed courage by going to the end of the legal process. .

Ms. Boucher also granted us an interview on March 8 as part of International Women’s Rights Day.

Ms. Boucher gave TVA Nouvelles photos that may offend sensitivity, but it is the sad reality, these are injuries that Ms. Boucher caused by the beatings given by her ex-spouse with whom she lived for four years.

The accused Jonathan Blanchet, 41, was sentenced to a total sentence of 36 months in prison. If we subtract the period of preventive detention, Blanchet has 23 months and three weeks to serve in a provincial prison.

The accused pleaded guilty to nine offenses, including almost half of the counts in domestic violence.

The victim is satisfied with the judgment and invites women in toxic relationships to seek help quickly.

I’m going to be able to really move on, then forget about it and leave it behind, ”she said.

Violence is criminal and must be exposed, Judge Cimon said in the courtroom and warns that the courts will be even tougher on this kind of crime.

Victims can benefit from the support of Crown attorneys.

“We can consider that it is a message of denunciation, of dissuasion to say to them: Gentlemen, if you continue to behave like this which compromises the safety of women, it is criminal acts which deserve at the very least the prison and even the penitentiary ”, supports Me Jean-Pascal Boucher of the Crown.


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