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Sad news: Xiaomi will be dead of the POCO brand, not launching the Pocophone F2?

With a powerful configuration and affordable price, Redmi K is likely to be the solution offered by Xiaomi to replace the POCO product line.

POCO – sub-brand of Xiaomi has launched their first smartphone, Pocophone F1, in August 2018 and received a lot of positive reactions from the tech community. However, in the past, there is very little information about POCO posted online and even rumors appear that Xiaomi may have died of its sub-brand.

Recently, an analyst of market research company IDC has revealed that many possibilities, Xiaomi has removed the POCO product line right after the launch of Redmi K series with affordable prices in the Indian market. POCO has opened a very unique segment in the smartphone industry, in which the Pocophone F1 with the Snapdragon 845 high-end processor is priced at only $ 300.

However, this year, Redmi seems to want to dominate this market segment with the launch of the new Redmi K20 product line. Obviously, Redmi's K line also focuses on bringing high-end Snapdragon processor to the affordable segment, so it can completely replace POCO in its market segment.

“POCO was born to bring users high-end smartphones with high-end specifications, but in the mid-range segment, with a clear compromise on design language. It is absolutely a valuable choice for those who want to upgrade without spending too much money to buy a flagship."- said Navkendar Singh, research director of IDC in India.

Sforum - Latest technology information page xiaomi-pocophone-f1-smartphone-o Sad news: Xiaomi will be dead of the POCO brand, not launching the Pocophone F2?

“However, at the present time, with the attractive selling price of Redmi K line and technical specifications, strong hardware and beautiful design, there are quite a few reasons for POCO to exist as a brand to the edge contend with other competitors in the market ”, he added.

Jai Mani – head of POCO product line, recently quit at Xiaomi. This seems to confirm that POCO brand death information is correct. Even so, Xiaomi continues to deny this information and Xiaomi's spokesman recently said: "Nothing will change just because a moderator leaves and the work will continue as planned."

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