'Sacoll' Lim Young-woong vs Hongja, draw after close fight...  TOP6 final victory

‘Sacoll’ Lim Young-woong vs Hongja, draw after close fight… TOP6 final victory

Fantastic confrontation among auditioners
Lim Young-woong x Hongja, two draws
A great game that came out before the station
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45 times of’Call Center of Love’ / Photo = Provided by TV Chosun

TV Chosun’I will sing the requested song-Call Center of Love’ (hereinafter referred to as’Call Center of Love’) TOP6 Lim Young-woong and Pick6 Hong-ja faced tightly with two draws.

The 45th episode of’Call Center of Love’ aired on the 5th soared to 12.1% of the nationwide ratings and 13.5% of the highest ratings per minute, based on Nielsen Korea. On this day’s broadcast, the stars of TOP6 and various auditions, Hongja, Cheetah, Carder Garden, Baek Ayeon, Ahn Yeeun, and Byun Hyunmin unfolded a fantasy confrontation.

Since TOP6 are also audition stars born through’Mr. Trot’, they recreated the stage at the time of the contest and appeared on this day, making them reminiscent of’the appearance at that time’. Young-tak showed’The Man,’ who burst all-heart, and Kim Hee-jae, who appeared as a naval salute at the time, showed’Dolido’. When Jeong Dong-won sang’Borigogae’, Young-tak emulated the tears of Jinseong, who was the master, and gave a big smile. Lim Young-woong also said “I am Young-woong Lim, the son of Pocheon,” and then summoned memories by calling a’purple postcard’.

Afterwards, special audition stars named’Pick 6’also entered while recreating their contest stage. ‘Mistrot’ season 1 beauty Hongja,’Unpretty Rapstar’ season 1 winner Cheetah,’The Fan’ winner Karthe Garden,’K-popstar’ season 1 3rd place Baek A-yeon,’K-popstar’ season 5 runner-up Ahn Yeeun, Byun Hyun-min of K Tigers from’Produce 101′ showed a stage that made memorable and focused attention.

Following the appearance of welcome audition comrades, TOP6 and Pick 6 shared their audition history, while Lee Chan-won applied for all seasons of’Superstar K’, but all were eliminated. He won the audition program called’Audition’, but he also confessed the story that his life as a singer was nearing the end.

As they were the stars of the audition, TOP6 and Pick6 started a one-on-one confrontation in tension, and the team leader of Pick 6, Cheetah, fired 100 points with’Kilimanjaro’s Panther’ and succeeded in overpowering the baseline. Young-tak, the first runner of TOP6, scored the number of matches with’If you like my heart’, but unfortunately defeated him and gave him a win. Following this, Jung Dong-won sang’Resume’ and was greatly pleased with 100 points after a long time. .

In particular, the confrontation between Lim Young-woong and Hong-ja, who took pride in’Mr. In the’Confrontation of the Century’ of emotional artisans, Lim Young-woong selected Jason Mraz’s’i’m yours’, which is “a song that I would have chosen if I went to another audition,” and sang the first pop song on the call center solo stage. ‘I completed a stage that made the Cheetah, a team, cry out. Both of them entered the overtime with 100 points, and in the overtime, they also tied 97 points and unfolded a close-up battle like the’Confrontation of the Century’.

In the draw of Lim Young-woong and Hong-ja, the next round runners, Lee Chan-won and Baek A-yeon, continued to decide until the victory of Lim Young-woong and Hong-ja, and Baek A-yeon deliciously called’that person at that time’ and received 100 points to win the pick 6 team. Led. In the battle between Jang Min-ho and Ahn Ye-eun, as Jang Min-ho, who sang’It is Nam, it is Nam,’ took 100 points to win, TOP 6 and Pick 6 played a close match. And in the final match, Kim Hee-jae sang’The Great King’s Road’ and scored 100 points to defeat Carder Garden, which sang’The Winter Teahouse’, and led the TOP6 team to the final championship. As the unprecedented 100-point relay unfolded, the stage was full of cheers and joy, and the home theater was also thrilled.

On the other hand, in Sakol’s highlight’Unit Showdown’, Card the Garden of Pick 6 and Hyun-min Byun took over the stage with the’Apartment’ where the exciting Taekwon performance stands out, but the stage where Min-ho Jang and Dong-won Jung of TOP 6 will follow’Partner’ is’Who? ‘Are you there?’ and took the victory by showing off a duet. Here, as a trot audition medley, Yeong-tak, Ahn Ye-eun, Lim Young-woong, and Cheetah performed different stages one after another, providing a fresh’taste of trot’ that was never seen before.

‘Love Call Center’ is broadcast every Friday at 10 pm.

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