'Sacoll' Lim Young-woong → Lee Chan-won, a spring festival with thrilling flowers

‘Sacoll’ Lim Young-woong → Lee Chan-won, a spring festival with thrilling flowers

‘Love Call Center’ TOP 6 Lim Young-woong, Young-tak, Lee Chan-won, Jeong Dong-won, Jang Min-ho, Kim Hee-jae and’Flower Man 6’Kim Jun-soo, Lee Jang-woo, Min Woo-hyuk, Jeong Dong-ha, Tei, and Lee Hyun caused a sweet excitement in the home theater with a spring female-hearted sniper project.

The 51 episodes of TV Chosun’s entertainment program’I’m Singing Requested Songs, Call Center of Love’ (hereinafter referred to as’Call Center of Love’) broadcasted on the 15th, soared to 13.2% nationwide and 14.7% per minute. It continued to be ranked No. 1 in ratings.

On this day’s broadcast, TOP6 Lim Young-woong, Young Tak, Lee Chan-won, Jung Dong-won, Jang Min-ho, Kim Hee-jae and’Flower Boy 6’Kim Jun-soo, Lee Jang-woo, Min Woo-hyuk, Jeong Dong-ha, Tei, and Lee Hyun gave a pleasant spring special feature.

Above all, from master Kim Jun-su who visited the’Call Center of Love’ after a long time, to rocker Jeong Dong-ha from resurrection vocal, musical actor Min Woo-hyuk, singer Lee Hyun, singer Tei, and actor Lee Jang-woo,’flower boys’ who have both voices and appearances brighter than flowers appear on the scene. Warmed up. In particular, actor Lee Jang-woo, who starred in the hit drama “Oh Samkwang Villa,” sang “Best Bee,” and showed the charm of the trot reversal. . As a result, Tei and Kim Junsu also promoted the musical in which they appeared, followed by a new song with affection, and Lee Hyun, an opening full of laughter, announcing the opening of a YouTube channel.

In the first confrontation, Lee Chan-won and Min Woo-hyuk received 96 points and 99 points for’You’ and’Being Alone’, respectively, and gave 1 win to Flower Man 6. Following this, Kim Hee-jae and Lee Hyun competed, and Kim Hee-jae scored 100 points for’Good You’ and Lee Hyun scored 91 points for’The Day You Fall’, giving the TOP6 victory. Thirdly, Junsu Kim and Dongwon Jeong went to a confrontation, and Jung Dongwon was surprised by selecting the’Golden Star’ from the musical’Mozart’ starring the musical godfather Kim Junsu. The result was that Junsu Kim, who sang’Wait,’ scored 99 points, but Kim Junsu praised Jeong Dong-won for his musical creation, and surprised everyone including Jeong Dong-won by proposing that he would like to cast in a musical scheduled to be produced next year. Afterwards, the two performed a duet stage in’If you love, you can know each other’ among the musical’Mozart’, giving a moving special time.

In the next round, Yeong-tak and Lee Jang-woo played an exciting confrontation amid a chewy tension. And Jang-Woo Lee perfectly sang’You Can’t Have’ and scored 95 points, but Young-Tak scored 1 win by shooting 100 points with’The Fall of the Moon’. Afterwards, as for the unit battle, Lim Young-woong and Lee Chan-won of TOP6 made a stage full of excitement with’A Journey to Me’, but Min Woo-hyuk and Lee Jang-woo of Flower Boy 6 showed a fantastic breath with’short hair’ and received 99 points. It led to the victory of the confrontation.

2:2 As the tense confrontation continued, Lim Young-woong and Jeong Dong-ha went to a confrontation and focused their attention. Lim Young-woong greeted Jeong Dong-ha, who was a priest at 90 degrees, and started the confrontation in a sense of tension. Following Jeong Dong-ha, who received 99 points, Lim Young-woong also raised two keys and sang ‘Although it’s like a fool,’ and ended the breathtaking game with 100 points. In the last round, Jang Min-ho scored 99 points for’Extra Love’ and Tei scored 91 points for’Romantic’, and the TOP6 team rose to the upper hand with 4:2. However, the Komman 6 team, who won the unit matchup, had the authority to draw the Lucky Box, and Min Woo-hyuk took the “win or lose voucher” and completed the Sakol’s best reversal drama in which the Flower Boy 6 team won a big win.

On the other hand, TOP6 was a mid-term event, showing off trot medleys such as’Flower Bud’,’Flower Wind Woman’, ‘99.9’, and’Push Up’, making the atmosphere hot. Flower Man 6 also performed dance medleys such as’Cigarette Shop Lady’,’Tell Me’, and’Thumbs Up’, revealing the anti-war charms such as body-to-mouth dance, and a big smile. In particular, on this day’s broadcast, Kim Hee-jae unveiled a splendid new song stage with the third new song “Follow me” released after Lim Young-woong and Young-tak. ‘Follow Follow’ is a new genre of’Trendy Trot’ composed by Young-tak and Kim Hee-jae participated in the lyrics. Even during the stage, Kim Hee-jae’s pants popped out, giving a foreboding to the new song.

iMBC Jang Sujeong | TV Chosun capture

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