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“Deep Diving

Jeremy and Andy are back to bring you a show with a heavy focus on the Ghost in the Shell franchise and the new Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 series on Netflix!

Our first podcast of the week see Jeremy and Andy return and end doing a big deep dive into Ghost in the Shell!

The original plan was to put the focus on new Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 series on Netflix specifically, but with the way things worked out they ended up pretty much making this a Ghost in the Shell special of sorts.

The discuss their first experiences with the franchise, delve through the timeline of various projects the franchise (including the original two Stand Alone Complex (SAC) series) has had and their thoughts on those too.

Then discussion gets to (in as spoiler-free way as possible) on the new Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex_2045 show. They talk about the setting and world that’s established, how the show feels, overall thoughts and perhaps one of the bigger talking points leading up to its release, its visual style.

A fun show to start the week! Perhaps more so if you’re a fan of Ghost in the Shell!

If you want to share you thoughts with us on Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045, or simply add to the pool of questions already submitted for when we dive into them, you can do so via Twitter/Facebook/Instagram and be sure to including the tag #AskAllTheAnime so we know it’s a comment directed for the podcast and we’ll be reading any feedback/comments receive on our next podcast. Or post your thoughts in the comment section below.


00:00 – 04:00, Intro,
04:01 – 37:03, Jeremy’s and Andy’s experience with the Ghost in the Shell franchise, a timeline of releases leading up to the new SAC_2045 series
37:04 – 1:04:46, Discussion on the new Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 series.
1:04:47 – 1:07:33 [END], Show Close.


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NOTE: As always please note this podcast may contain strong language and any views expressed by individuals in this podcast do not reflect those of Anime Limited.

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Have a nice weekend everyone and we’ll speak to you on Monday!

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