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Sabeco exchanged a series of "new shirts" for Saigon Beer

Saigon Beer – Alcohol – Beverage Joint Stock Corporation (SABECO) calls this the re-launch of the brand when putting the word SABECO close to the dragon symbol in the logo as well as changing the brand identity for Saigon Lager Beer. , Saigon Export and Saigon Special.

Saigon Export line was previously packaged in brown glass bottles, capacity 355 ml. And Saigon Lager beer is familiar to consumers in brown bottles or blue cans and Saigon Special is packaged in blue glass bottles or aluminum cans.

Sabeco changes its appearance for 3 Saigon beer products.

“Introducing a new look of Saigon Beer is part of an integrated media campaign to re-launch a representative brand. This activity is also one of the steps on the strong transformation journey of SABECO, ”said Mr. Bennett Neo, SABECO's General Director, said, all three new designs for the three products show the characteristics. different characteristics of each product, besides keeping the formula, ingredients and alcohol content unchanged.

SABECO emphasizes the spiritual value when talking about the new design is to put the image of the Dragon – symbolizing power, prosperity and represent Vietnam at the center and said that the image of Saigon beer has just ensured. maintain both aesthetics and consistency across all brand product categories. This has not been done before.

Hong Phuc
* Source: Investment Newspaper

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