Without Kevin De Bruyne, Man City still succeeds?

Ryan Mason and the new club head towards the first title

A title is something that both Man City and Tottenham are aiming for and they have a great opportunity to reach the final of the League Cup. The trophy helps both add motivation in the next tournaments.

The defeat against Chelsea is a valuable lesson

On the night of April 25, a battle that made European and worldwide football fans unable to take their eyes off was the match between Man City and Tottenham Hotspur. They met to compete for the British League trophy, creating the confidence needed for the remainder of the season.

With Man City, the defeat against the Blues in the FA Cup semi-finals made them lose their chance to win the historic 4th. However, coach Pep Guardiola’s teachers and students are still full of opportunities to win the hattrick for the title when the Premier League is almost arranged and a straight line to the Champions League semi-finals. There is no reason for Manchester’s green half to be shaken before the final match in the League Cup.

Possessing a uniform squad with a very high performance, it is clear that the Spaniard needs to prove that his club is a great force not only in the domestic league but also spreading throughout Europe. The League Cup championship is a stepping stone towards important goals to come.

Without Kevin De Bruyne, Man City still succeeds?

The challenge continues to be placed for The Citizens when they lose Kevin De Bruyne due to an ankle injury and Sergio Aguero is also absent for the same reason, it is even more difficult when John Stones has to watch his teammates play because of the stick. Red card against Aston Villa.

However, Man City can completely troubleshoot it easily. Everyone must remember the time when the Belgian midfielder did not play for a long time, when Gundogan was like a bright card, helping the Etihad team to bury the clubs in England. In addition, Laporte is fully capable to replace the No. 5 midfielder of the army in blue. Everything so far is still considered fine with coach Pep Guardiola.

First title in 13 years for ‘Rooster’?

Certainly, the Kane – Bale – Son trident is what the London team continues to believe in. They became scary matches not only in the Premier League but also in many other tournaments. With the nature of an important match, Tottenham will play with a high spirit and head straight to the official championship for the first time in 13 years.

‘Rooster’ gradually showed bright features under head coach Ryan Mason in the match against Southampton. Obviously, positive signs began to appear on the white shirt team because the play of the north London club was more elegant. The goal of scoring is now equally divided among the frontline.

Bale as proof to the world that ‘Performance is temporary, class is forever’. The goal against the team led by Ralph Hasenhuttl is the psychological relief needed for the Welsh striker when he has suffered a lot of pressure over time.

Gareth Bale wants the title with his old team before returning to Real Madrid

Gareth Bale wants the title with his old team before returning to Real Madrid

In the second game to be led as head coach, Ryan Mason must be delighted to welcome Harry Kane’s return. Tottenham Hotpur certainly has more plans to deploy the ball and is ready to threaten Man City’s defense at any time in the match. Looking at the double of the England captain against Everton, it is clear that Kane’s ability to sniff the sharp goal shows.

The League Cup may not be Britain’s most prestigious trophy but it is an opportunity for ‘Rooster’ to create a more beautiful traditional room and express ambition.

A victory helped Man City show absolute dominance as well as Tottenham showed a spectacular transformation since leaving coach Mourinho. At Wembley Stadium on April 25, two representatives of Manchester and London met to assert themselves.



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