Russia's attempt to add weapons to Al-Hasakah

Russia’s attempt to add weapons to Al-Hasakah

(News 24h) – Russian media has released a video recording of the heavy transport aircraft Il-76 carrying weapons to Al-Hasakah province.

A notice from the provincial government of Al-Hasakah said that the Russian armed forces have deployed more troops on the front line with the Turkish army and their allied fighters near the key town of Tal Tamr.

Images released by on Jan. 21 showed Russian Il-76 transport plane (unknown number of aircraft) arriving at Al-Qamishli airport, marking the second wave in 10 days. add reinforcements and military equipment.

The attempt of Russia was due to the fact that it came to Al-Hasakah
Russian Il-76 aircraft poured weapons to Al-Hasakah.

According to the image published in the January 21 deployment session, there were many Typhoon armored vehicles, self-propelled artillery and a large number of troops. All weapons and troops were shipped directly from Russia to Al-Hasakah.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said that Russia’s increased military presence in Al-Hasakah has largely been directed to the new Russian military base near the village of Qasr Deeb, northwest of Al-Malikiyah – a town. The town is located on the Syrian-Turkish border, only 20km away from the border triangle between the three countries Turkey, Syria and Iraq.

The move is aimed at achieving the following set of goals: Preventing America’s freedom of action. The Faysh Khabur / Semalka border gate has long been the lifeblood of the US military between Syria and Iraq.

US armored vehicles and reinforcements in Iraq frequently move freely through this border gate to Syria.

According to observers, if this information is true, it is clear that Russia is intending to lock the Syrian border with Iraq and Turkey, not to let the US free in and out of Syrian territory “like a walk” or solstice. At least, he also grasped the moves of Lau Nam Ngoi troop movements.

In addition, Russia’s aim was to put a middle ground in the Kurds. All three sides of the border with Turkey, Syria and Iraq are Kurdish-controlled areas in these countries. It can be said that this border gate is the only lifeline linking the three Kurdish control zones in the territory of Syria, Iraq and Turkey.

The fact that Russia has a military base in this area could be a very distant attempt, aimed at preventing their future plans to establish a country or a card in favor of the Russians on the negotiating table. Syria in particular, even the Middle East.

And the ultimate goal is to secure Russia’s interests. Russian Gazprom and Rosneft are involved in exploitation and export projects in Iraqi Kurdistan, with the signing of the latest series of oil and gas contracts with the KRG government.

Since September 2017, Russian companies have also participated in funding Kurdistan’s independent gas pipeline construction project. Currently, the only gradually piped route still operating in Iraq is the oil transport route from Iraqi Kurdistan to Ceyhan of Turkey, through the Faysh Khabur / Semalka border gate area.

Therefore, the fact that Russia has established a base and strengthened its forces here also contributes to the security of economic projects in which Russian companies are involved.

Clip of Russian Il-76 pouring weapons to Al-Hasakah

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