Russia's arctic plans force the US to lift sanctions?

Russia’s arctic plans force the US to lift sanctions?

Arctic security could force the United States to drop sanctions against Russia. This was reported by the American newspaper MWI.

Is the plan of Russia under the authority of the United States?
Russia is continuing to increase its forces in the Arctic to control this area.

The paper’s experts note that the Arctic has long been a strategic competition arena, culminating in the Cold War. Despite the collapse of the Soviet Union, much of Russia’s strategic nuclear arsenal remains in the Arctic region, and in recent years Moscow has actively modernized its military, including increasing its current capacity. military presence in the northern region. In response, the Arctic nations and NATO members, the US also increased their defense spending and participated in the war of the Arctic.

In fact, there has been a lot of high-level discussions regarding the security of the Arctic. However, as a result of US sanctions on Russia since 2014, meetings between Washington and Moscow have been halted and since then dialogue on Arctic issues has also been halted.

However, this May, Finland will hold a security meeting in the Arctic without Russia. Senior officials from Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, UK and the United States will be attended at this meeting. These countries will come up with measures to coordinate stability and security policy in the Arctic.

Experts say that Finland holding this meeting without Russia, while Russia is a country most likely to hold power in the north, seems a disregard for Russia. .

The newspaper wrote that, in order for Russia to participate in this meeting, the US Congress had to cancel sanctions against Russia. However, this is almost impossible, as the lifting of sanctions and restrictions would mean the United States is unlikely to put pressure on Russia.

According to American experts, not including Russia in this meeting is like an act of provocation. However, due to the security of the Arctic, the countries participating in the meeting are looking to perform a test with two purposes: First, they try to find a way to solve the problems in the Arctic without Russia. and second to demonstrate the need for Moscow when discussing Arctic related issues.

This newspaper said that maintaining security in the Arctic requires the participation of both Moscow and Washington. As a result, Russia’s continued strengthening of its military presence in the northern region could force the United States to abandon anti-Russia sanctions.

In recent years, Russia has demonstrated to the world its military might in the Arctic, which will force the West and the US to find a way to dialogue with Moscow.

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