Russian UAVs attacked the rebels' largest oil stockpile

Russian UAVs attacked the rebels’ largest oil stockpile

At dawn of January 25, a Russian drone hit the rebels’ largest oil stockpile and, according to the source, we are talking about the attack drone – Russia’s Orion heavy scout.

Widely used in Syria recently, this vehicle carried out another missile strike on terrorist oil depots near Tarhin city. This is Russia’s third airstrike in the region in just a few weeks.

According to observer Last Defender’s Twitter account, the Russian Orion drone has once again hit terrorist positions in northwestern Syria. The last such air strike was on January 10.

This shows that Russia is trying to stop the fighters from transporting oil to neighboring Turkey, destroying their facilities, among other things, including the manpower of their arsenal of equipment and weapons.

Russian UAVs melt the biggest warehouse of the region
The jihadist’s largest oil stockpile was destroyed by Russian bombs

In addition, according to several other sources, a total of two explosions were recorded, but it is suggested that the attacks were not carried out by drones but by fighter aircraft. on the basis of the amount of destructive munitions used.

Even so, Sentry Syrian observer’s account confirmed not long before the air strike, a real drone was seen near the area, but it is possible that its role was merely Observe, point the target for Russian bombers.

Up to now, representatives of stakeholders including the Russian Army, Syria, Turkey and jihadist fighters have not made any comments or comments on the recent event. .

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