Russian spies as painters walk into NATO secret base
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Russian spies as painters walk into NATO secret base

                        Russian illegal agents posing as street agents to infiltrate NATO’s top secret base.

In late January 2020, Director of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service Sergei Narishkin revealed the names of seven Russian illegal agents in a press conference held at the headquarters of the Rossiya Segodnya Media Group, the host agency. administration of Sputnik.

The Russian leader turned a knife into NATO
Retired colonel Yuri Shevchenko was awarded the title Hero of Russia by President Vladimir Putin in 2017.

This is the first time the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service has deciphered the names of illegal intelligence agents. These are the people who pretend to be residents of that country or a third country, looking for ways to obtain information about Western strategic planning, including top secret data.

Among them is retired Colonel Yuri Shevchenko, born in 1939, who has been involved in various intelligence missions abroad since 1969.

He was named Soviet Hero, retired in 2001 and moved back to Russia to continue teaching and sharing his experiences for the next generation.

In an interview with the official publication of the Russian Historical Society for the “Vorontsovo Pole” magazine, the Soviet spy talked about his infiltration into one of NATO’s military bases in Spain. and grasp a range of essential confidential information.

In the interview, Yuri Shevchenko said that operating in the Iberian Peninsula as an illegal intelligence agent without diplomatic relations between Moscow and Madrid.

Relations between the two countries were interrupted after the Spanish Civil War and were not resumed until Francisco Franco died in 1975. Francisco Franco is the Spanish Prime Minister who has led the country for 39 years.

During the period of non-maintenance of the Embassy in Spain, the Soviet Union still needed to find out information about what was happening in Europe, currently actively active military cooperation with the United States.

Mr. Yuri Shevchenko’s mission was to act under a hidden, undisclosed identity working for the Soviet Union.

“Information is extremely necessary, but there is no suitable person to do legal work” – Mr. Shevchenko said.

To obtain confidential information, a spy needs confidential information.

“I was wondering: where can people give me information where I spend my free time, where are they entertained? The solution is the need to subscribe to an elite club, this is not easy.” – he recalls.

Mr. Shevchenko chose to join a chess club because he played chess quite well. But to participate, a referral from two members with at least 1 year of experience is required and this proposal must be reviewed by the club.

Fortunately for Mr. Shevchenko, the person whom he expressed his desire to enter the club is the club owner. The 2 step difficulty has been shortened. The chairman of the chess club accepted Shevchenko as a member, two recommendations to make the member “easy to eat porridge” and just need to follow the procedures.

Another lucky moment of his time was the chess group with the Spanish Ambassador at the United Nations participating. He is a famous international journalist, a retired General, and more specifically, he drinks tea with Prime Minister Francisco Franco every weekend.

“I started asking questions about the topics I was interested in, that was my mission. Gathering information blindly.” The center approved the information I provided “- the former Colonel KGB said.

Both scolded and received gifts for breaking into a NATO base

But that information is not enough. The Soviet government wanted to clarify the situation in Spain after Francisco Franco resigned. Will the military base be withdrawn from here? Therefore, Yuri Shevchenko continued to approach the military base zone.

“To clarify the situation in Spain, I went to a NATO military base in one of Spain’s territories. To complete the mission, I needed to meet the troops serving at the base. “- Colonel Shevchenko said.

At that time, his passion for painting helped Mr. Shevchenko. Because of his hobby of painting, he approached Spanish military officers.

“As usual, I started going out with an easel on the street the army was marching to serve,” – Shevchenko began.

One day, he approached two military officers and was invited to drink by them. The three had a good time, making friends and starting to meet every weekend.

The Spanish officers gradually regarded him as a confidant and he received an invitation from the officers. He offered to get a secret appointment at the base. The secret meeting finally took place.

He said: “Everything is like this. I have prepared the subject: saying that all the newspapers have announced that there will be no increase in military presence and the base will soon leave. “

Officers said that five days before the secret spy meeting at the base, they had also welcomed the Supreme European Allied Commander (SACEUR) Alexander Haig, who had come and held the meeting. Secrets about the future of this base.

Yuri Shevchenko began asking the officers what Alexander Haig had said, the information he had grasped was completely opposite to the information published in the previous media.

The Spanish soldiers had revealed to Mr. Shevchenko about the conditions to hire the territory to serve the base, as well as how to use the base.

The Russian spy captured everything that Mr. Haig said at a secret meeting about expanding military presence, “post-Francisco” plans.

The Russian leader turned a knife into NATO
Late Spanish Prime Minister Francisco Franco.

Mr. Shevchenko quickly sent this information to the “Center,” then he went to Moscow on his own.

“They thanked me and I received a personal gift from Yuri Vladímirovich Andrópov, President of the KGB of the Soviet Union, for completing the job well, along with a rebuke for infiltrating the base” – Colonel. Shevchenko recalled.

In the 1970s, the man obtained a large amount of classified documents related to the work of the US President, the State Department, the CIA and the NATO headquarters in Brussels.

“They gave me a working address: the main rival and NATO … The scale of the mission was indicated as needing to control the US Government, CIA, State Department, FBI and NATO headquarters – Colonel. Shevchenko said.

According to Mr. Shevchenko, he can almost complete the mission at all agencies, except the FBI. More than 300 files labeled “Secret” at the highest level of secrecy were in the hands of Colonel KGB and sent to Moscow.

Thanks to Shevchenko, Soviet leaders in the late 1970s read State Department and CIA documents on important international security issues even before US President Jimmy Carter read them.

Two of the documents mentioned are particularly important: one signed by the then CIA Director George W. Bush and the other signed by Secretary of State Cyrus Wens, “addressing the urgent issues of the war. and peace “amid the Iran crisis.

“But Jimmy Carter did not even have time to read them while the same document was on our leader board,” emphasized Colonel Shevchenko.

According to the disclosure of the Russian External Intelligence Agency, since 1969, Agent Shevchenko has gone abroad to solve intelligence missions and participated in the recruitment of valuable people. In 2001, he was returned to Moscow. Following the decree of President Vladimir Putin in 2017, he was awarded the title of Hero of Russia.

Up to this year, 80-year-old Shevchenko retired, but still teaches to pass on his experience to illegal intelligence officers.

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