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Russian scientist claims to create more genetically modified babies

A Russian biologist recently told a journalist in Nature: I want to make more children have genetic modification, and will do it if I can get approval.

Denis Rebrikov from Russian National Medical University Pirogov in Moscow said he wanted to repeat He Jiankui's experiment, the scientist who was widely condemned last year in China when he created two twin-girl babies. Genetically modified to resist HIV virus.

He Jiankui believes that this will help children who are born healthy, but a new study shows two girls with genetic modification are at risk of dying early.

Now, Russian biologist Denis Rebrikov claims that he can do genetic modification better than his Chinese counterpart.

Russian scientist claims to create more genetically modified babies

But in reality, Rebrikov seemed to be an "amateur" scientist in the field of genetic modification. Searching for scientific publications that he published only found mainly works on gum disease.

However, in October last year, Rebrikov wrote a report which applied the CRISPR gene editing tool for human IVF embryos. These experiments are very complex and have not been done much in the world. Quite confusing when a biologist who studied gums like Rebrikov could participate in it.

The co-author of the study with him seems to have more expertise – the director of a major Russian maternity clinic, Kulakov National Medical Research Center for obstetrics, gynecology and cancer in Moscow. .

In his revelation, Rebikov believes that, like in China, Russia's scientific and legal rules are not explicitly defined for the creation of genetically modified babies. He will try to make use of this to seek approval for the experiment.

Meanwhile, the scientific community in the world agreed that we should not create CRISPR babies at this time. That action is irresponsible and violates scientific ethics.

The reason is because we cannot know what unexpected effects will occur after a child's genetic change. The gene that the Russian biologist wants to modify in embryos, CCR5, not only protects people against HIV. It can also affect awareness and life expectancy, seemingly in a negative direction.

However, a few scientists will still defy everything to promote the creation of genetically modified children. "I think I was crazy enough to do that," Leo Rebikov told Nature.

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