Russian missiles were struck by lightning when they launched into the sky, still flying normally as if nothing had happened - Photo 1.

Russian missiles hit by lightning when they launched into the sky, still flying normally as if nothing had happened

Russia has just launched Soyuz Roscosmos 2-1b rocket from the Plesetsk space airport without any problems, even when struck by a lightning strike as it flies.

At 13:23 minutes on May 27, Vietnam time, the rocket took off to bring Glonass-M satellite into orbit. Just seconds after taking off, lightning hit it. The case is back and shared on Twitter by the director of Roscosmos, Mr. Dmitry Rogozin.

"Thunder is not an obstacle", he said and congratulated the crew.

Lightning struck the rocket but did not affect the flight, it continued the 3.5-hour journey to reach the low-range orbit of the Earth. The Russian Ministry of Defense said that satellites carried by missiles are still completely normal.

Lightning strikes are a rare occurrence of missile launches, since the launch plan has been extremely carefully calculated and only launched on cloudy days, but there are cases where "the person is not equal." Heavenly nature ".

Missiles are struck by lightning when they are launched

In 1969, the Saturn V rocket twice during the launch of NASA's Apollo 12 spacecraft to the Moon was struck by lightning not only one but twice. The incident occurred in cloudy weather conditions, but there were absolutely no storms, causing some disturbances on the ship but eventually the launch was still successful. Apollo 12 and three internal astronauts flew to the Moon to carry out the mission as planned.

It is a lesson learned and fortunately only minimal damage. Currently, NASA rocket launchers have tighter weather guidance, and lightning protection has been integrated into launchers, as well as missiles.

All Roscosmos rockets are designed to resist such phenomena.

Reference: Sciencealert

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