Russian expert: Fear pushes NATO into the Black Sea

Russian expert: Fear pushes NATO into the Black Sea

NATO and its partners are preparing to hold the Sea Breeze 2021 exercise in the Black Sea at the end of June. The Russian Embassy in the US on this occasion urged the North Atlantic Military Alliance to abandon the plan because because the event does not contribute to increasing security in the Black Sea, but only to maintain control over countries that are losing confidence in Washington.

According to the announcement, Sea Breeze 2021 taking place from June 28 to July 10 will be the largest exercise since 1997. It is estimated that between 3 and 5 thousand servicemen will participate, as well as about 30 ships arriving. from 32 countries.

This exercise helps prepare headquarters and combat units to carry out missions in accordance with NATO standards and procedures, as well as gain experience in joint multinational operations.

The place takes place over a large area in Southern Ukraine, which includes Odessa, Ochakov, the Dnestrovsky estuary, Kinburnskaya cape, the islands of Zmeiny and Pervomaisky, the Danube Delta and several other territories. About 50 servicemen from 17 countries around the world will be advisors and observers at the event.

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NATO prepares to conduct exercises Sea Breeze 2021 in the Black Sea

Faced with this fact, Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, political scientist Konstantin Sokolov, in a commentary on PolitExpert emphasized that a large-scale war between NATO and Russia is still impossible, because it will lead to nuclear conflict and mutual destruction.

So the Alliance’s calculus is not only related to confrontation with Russia, NATO is seeking to exercise a surveillance function in the countries where its forces are deployed.

The Russian political expert explained that with any change in the situation in the regions in favor of the United States and NATO, the element of military presence will not allow to change the political course. of this or that country.

The expert is convinced that the recently quoted statements are intended to influence the public in the post-Soviet space.

“The reason is the promised prosperity, the exercise is clearly aimed against Russia, but also against those countries that are involved in NATO’s orbit in this region, which applies to both Ukraine and Bulgaria.. ,” said the political scientist.

Expert Sokolov believes that the West is afraid that these countries will return to their previous political trajectory and they will refuse to support the US, so NATO needs to demonstrate its military might in the area within its range. their influence.

“It is clear that now, in the context of a pandemic, when the program to assist countries in transitioning to the capitalist sector has ended, they can no longer count on new contributions. In addition, the economic situation has worsened in the leading countries, maintaining the status quo in the old way is an important task,” concluded the Russian political scientist.

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