Russian An-124 aircraft transports secret cargo to Syria

(News 24h) – The Russian heavy transport An-124 Ruslan has been confirmed to have landed in Syria, but what it was carrying in the compartment remains unclear.

Another confirmation of the operation of the “Syrian Express Train” has appeared in the regional press. On the Telegram channel “Notes of a Hunter” informed readers about the movements of the Russian military aviation.

According to observers, on January 29, 2021, an A-124-100 Ruslan strategic jet transport of the Russian Aerospace Forces (bearing number RA-82035) carried something out of the way. at Kubinka (Moscow region) and fly to Mozdok.

Furthermore, on the night of 30 January, together with the Il-76, the transport was headed to Syria. Also at the same time, another Il-76 flew to Syria from Krymsk.

The Russian An-124's email valve has been a hit in Syria
The route of the heavy transport An-124 Ruslan carries mysterious cargo from Russia to Syria

In the past month, the field situation in Syria has gotten hotter than before. In the east of the country, with the increase in the forces and vehicles of the US Army, Washington has in fact occupied a portion of Syria.

At the same time, the activities of jihadis from the Islamic State terrorist organization – IS in the Syrian desert and pro-Turkish fighters in Idlib are more active. Turkey-sponsored armed groups are allegedly trying to occupy new territories in northern Syria.

In response, Moscow strengthened its presence in the North and Northeast of the Arab Republic, deploying a substantial number of military police and heavy equipment there.

At the same time, the Russian Aerospace Forces repeatedly delivered high-precision guided missile and bomb attacks on terrorists in the Syrian deserts and Idlib.

Recently at Hmeimim airbase, six MiG-29s appeared at the same time, presumably they were delivered to the Syrian Air Force.

In addition, the runway of this military airport is also being rapidly extended, showing a very high possibility that the Russian Tu-22M3 supersonic strategic bomber will be permanently present there to increase its strength. to the air combat group, ready to respond quickly to threats.

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