Russian-American fighters appeared in the sky of Idlib together?

Russian-American fighters appeared in the sky of Idlib together?

According to the Telegram community called “Herald of Damascus”, on the morning of May 9, military aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces and US Air Force fighters belonging to the International Coalition Against IS were seen. seen in the sky south of the Syrian province of Idlib.

“The Russian Aerospace Forces and the International Anti-IS Alliance aviation have conducted reconnaissance in the southern sky of Idlib province,” Telegram community “Herald of Damascus” said and was published by several news agencies. download.

Considering that the US Army withdrew from the area a few years ago and now they are no longer on combat duty here, this encounter raises a lot of questions.

The Russian-American warfare also appeared on the island of Idlib?
Russian and American fighters first met over Idlib province?

At the moment there is no detailed information about the incident, many military experts and regional analysts point to the fact that the interest of the United States as well as some other countries in the region. The International Union for the region is zero, because Idlib is almost the “playing field” for Turkey with Syria and Russia.

In addition, over the past time there have been many signs that the US intends to cancel all cooperation agreements with Russia during its operations in Syria, so it is possible that the US military aircraft is present in Idlib to send a meaningful message to Moscow.

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