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Russian 9-year-old girl cut off female genitals, human rights group accused fathers

Muslims pray near the border between the Chechen and Ingushetia Republic of Russia (photographed on October 10, 2018, material photo). (c) Vasily MAXIMOV / AFP

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[AFP = current affairs]A Russian human rights group accused the investigative authorities of the fathers of a 9-year-old girl who had undergone female genital mutilation (FGM) and the management of the clinic where the surgery was performed. Russia does not have a specific law prohibiting FGM, which is the first case in the country if a full-scale investigation is conducted.

Human rights groups have pointed out that FGM is rampant in the conservative Northern Caucasus region of Russia, where many Muslims are prevalent, and that thousands of girls are subjected to life-threatening treatment each year. There is.

The girl lives in the Chechen Republic of North Kafkas and was visiting the neighboring Republic of Ingushetia to meet her father in June 2019, led by her father at a clinic in the capital Magas, FGM. Received treatment.

According to local media reports that the girl was pressed down by the medical staff and her stepmother, and could not scream even when she was crying.

A mother who did not agree with FGM sued the gynecologist at the clinic where the surgery was performed. An investigation began last July and the gynecologist is now in trial.

However, the Russian human rights organization “Stichting Justice Initiative (SJI)”, which is working on this case, has told the Investigative Committee, which is in charge of investigating serious crimes, for all those involved in the clinic and the case. It calls for an extensive investigation.

SJI’s attorney Tatyana Savvina puts the clinic’s management on the investigation committee for alleging that the organization has been sexually abused or deliberately injured minors. He said he had filed a complaint and said he would seek punishment for “all accomplices,” including the girl’s father and stepmother.

A spokesman for the Ingushetia Investigation Committee said it would consider SJI’s charges.

According to SJI, more than 1200 girls are treated with FGM in the North Caucasian region annually, and religious authorities in the region support this practice as FGM promotes female chastity.

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