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Russia will not rest on oil and gas sales


At the end of last year, the statistics of Russian enterprises showed that the gas export volume through the Northern flow pipeline (the previous project of Northern Flow 2, ie “Nord Stream 2”) reached a high level. Index, shows that the project’s effectiveness is great.

According to the report of the operator of the “Northern Flow” pipeline Nord Stream AG, gas exports last year via the Northern Flow exceeded the design capacity, reaching 59.2 billion meters. block, the highest level since the operation began.

“In 2020, 59.2 billion cubic meters of natural gas will be delivered to European consumers via the Northern Flow gas pipeline. Gas pipeline utilization in 2020 is higher. years ago, therefore, the annual gas transport volume reached the highest level in history since the inception of operations “- the statement stated.

Thus, the amount of gas pumped through the pipeline once again exceeds the design capacity of 55 billion cubic meters of gas (in 2019, Gazprom exported 58.5 billion cubic meters via the Northern Flow). In total, by the end of last year, the total volume of gas transportation since the first start of the gas pipeline chain in 2011 amounted to about 382 billion cubic meters.

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Russia is energetic but doesn’t want to depend on energy exports

The great economic and energy security benefits from gas projects have brought Russia huge revenues, along with the huge income sources from oil exports. But that has also led to worries about Russia overly dependent on energy exports.

In that context, Russian President Vladimir Putin recently evaluated the world energy outlook in the coming years that there will not be many major changes, but Russia also needs to change to avoid depending on this.

According to Putin, the consumption structure in the global energy sector is unlikely to change in the coming decades, there will still be a great demand for oil and gas, the consumption structure will not change much.

“Of course, the world will gradually use more alternative energies, but energy consumption patterns are unlikely to change significantly in the coming decades. And there will be oil and gas demand for a while. long time “- Russian President said at the meeting with university students on the occasion of Russian Student Day.

But the Russian leader has said that Russia has hope in oil and gas, but don’t make mistakes on its own.

Putin emphasized that, despite having large oil and gas reserves, that does not mean that Russia has the right to relax on its laurels, but says that “in terms of gas and oil reserves, our country is the richest. so we won’t do anything else. “

“No, we are and will be participating in the development of solar energy, tidal energy, wind energy and hydrogen energy – we will do all of this. But if we use petroleum, gas In a rational and modern way, which is possible and needs to be done, the opportunity to use this hydrocarbon material is not yet over, ”said Putin.

He noted that, according to the assessment of Russian and international experts, due to the economic growth, the volume of energy consumption will be increasing. Russia will continue to make a profit based on energy exports but will not depend entirely on it.

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