Nga: Ukraine nên dừng yêu sách đòi bồi thường vì Nord Stream-2

Russia: Ukraine should stop claiming compensation because of Nord Stream-2

TASS news agency quoted Maria Zakharova as saying that the conditions for the opening and operation of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project set by Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba are completely against the principles of the economy. market economy.

Russia: Ukraine needs to use Nord Stream-2
Nord Stream 2 project.

“Nord Stream 2 is purely for profit, not politics. But Ukraine and some countries have set conditions for the opening and operation of a gas pipeline that are completely opposite to those principles. The market principle has been recognized worldwide and is the basis for international economic and trade relations,” said Ms. Zakharova.

The Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman emphasized that the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project is based on mutual economic interests and is the most cost-effective route to ensure gas supplies between Russia and Russia. European companies.

“In case Ukraine wants to join this project, it must hold negotiations with Nord Stream 2 shareholders and other related companies, and if it’s just for politics, Ukraine should stop,” said Maria Zakharova. emphasize.

Mr. Kuleba had previously filed a claim for compensation. In it, he pointed out that the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project has threatened not only the economy but also the national security of Ukraine.

Mr. Kubela demanded that Russia stop occupying the territory of Ukraine and ensure the country’s energy security. The part of the territory that Mr. Kubela is talking about here is the Crimean peninsula, which has been seceded from Ukraine and annexed by Russia since 2014.

Ukraine has always had to vehemently oppose Nord Stream 2 because the 1.2 thousand km long gas pipeline will transport a large amount of fuel from Russia to Germany, bypassing Ukraine. Experts point out that the reason why Kiev opposes this project is actually because of the great damage the country has to suffer.

This was said by CEO of the Gas Transmission System of Ukraine (GTSOU), Mr. Sergiy Makogon: “Ukrainian economy could lose 5-6 billion USD/year if Nord Stream 2 project comes into operation. work”.

Meanwhile, industry expert Leonid Khazanov said that the US is in the process of building a “plan B” and they have no intention of giving up on making it difficult to operate Nord Stream 2.

In a series of recent statements, US officials affirmed that it will not be easy to “forget” Nord Stream 2. So what can they do to both win the hearts of their allies and not let their opponent – Russia – be pleased. ?

“Perhaps the US will offer preferential liquefied natural gas (LNG) supplies and the construction of terminals in exchange for Germany not agreeing to bring pipelines into Europe,” the expert said. .

However, it is difficult for the US to ensure that LNG prices are comparable to those of Russia. To keep manufacturers profitable, the US will have to finance them from the already tight state budget, the analyst added.

Earlier, during a hearing before the US House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that Germany must participate in negotiations to find a way to help Ukraine overcome the economic losses related to this project.

“We have worked closely with Berlin to figure out what can and should be done. I believe, when Nord Stream 2 comes into operation, Ukraine will lose quite a lot of profit from the transshipment fees they are enjoying on the routes. existing gas pipelines,” Blinken said.

But the US diplomat did not specify the form of compensation. Some argue that Germany could invest in Ukraine’s alternative energy industry.

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