Russia-Syria coordinated to destroy 80 bases and 338 rebels

Russia-Syria coordinated to destroy 80 bases and 338 rebels

Syrian Government Army (SAA) soldiers, with the support of the Russian Aerospace Forces, have destroyed 338 armed elements, destroying more than 80 facilities and hiding places of terrorists since 23 / 4.

The aforementioned powerful attack is intended to prevent terrorist attacks on soldiers and civilians in Syria. This was announced to reporters on the morning of May 12 by a representative of the Russian armed forces in Syria.

“The detachments of the Syrian government army with the support of the Russian Aerospace Forces continue their reconnaissance and search operations in the Syrian desert. Since April 23, a total of 338 militants from terrorist groups have been destroyed and 44 elements have been arrested, in addition 38 facilities and 45 shelters have been destroyed.

According to the announcement, 26 vaults, more than 21.5 tons of ammunition, 7 tons of material and other terrorist assets have been found. “Thanks to the organization of joint reconnaissance and search operations, the terrorist groups have suffered significant losses in manpower and equipment, and attacks on the Syrian army and civilians have been averted”, Russian Army representative said.

In addition, it is known that the Syrian army’s engineering units have inspected 2,530 km of roads and 865 buildings, clearing three areas of terrain contaminated with mines and mines.

Russia-Syria has acquired a diet of 80 cans and 338 related parties
Russian combat aircraft support ground operations of the Syrian Government Army

Rear Admiral Alexander Karpov said that, on the eve of the presidential election in Syria, illegal armed groups are planning a terrorist attack against government organizations in many big cities aimed at destabilizing the situation in the country.

The terrorists are trained in militant training camps in areas beyond the Syrian government’s control, including Al-Tanf controlled by the US Armed Forces.

At one of the terrorist training bases near Palmyra, the Russian Aerospace Forces launched an air strike on April 19. Two shelters, up to 200 fighters and about 500 kg of ammunition. pharmacy has been destroyed.

According to the announcement, head of state elections will be held in Syria on May 26. By that time, many more attacks are expected to be carried out by the Russian-Syrian coalition.

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