Russia strongly responded to Kiev opening the skies for NATO

Russia strongly responded to Kiev opening the skies for NATO

It should be recalled that earlier, Ukraine’s Infrastructure Minister, Vladislav Krykliy, in talks with the Coalition’s Deputy Secretary-General in charge of Defense Policy and Planning – Mr. Patrick Turner, proposed to use the called the Simferopol Flight Information Area for the transport of troops, equipment and cargo.

Kiev refers to this place specifically as the sky over the Kherson region, the Crimean peninsula and the entire central part of the Black Sea.

“Teeth will break”

Before the above developments, Sen. Volodymyr Dzhabarov said that Ukraine was trying to initiate a military conflict between Russia and NATO with its statements. He pointed to the utopia of Minister Krikliya’s proposal and noted that the North Atlantic Union would not risk its own forces against Ukraine.

The State Duma also commented on Ukraine’s proposal. Deputy Chairman of the National Defense Committee – Mr. Yuriy Shvytkin noted the lack of independence of the Ukrainian government in foreign policy.

“This once again proves that Ukraine is the chess piece of America. Of course, such statements will not be ignored. Russia’s military potential, our forces and our vehicles in this direction are enough to repel any enemy invasion, they will break teeth, ”said Mr. Shvytkin.

Russia has opened up Kiev to open NATO
Russia warned of a stern response if the NATO aircraft flew over the Crimean skies

“Everything can end in tears”

Deputy Minister Mikhail Sheremet noted that such claims made by Kiev were surprising and reminded that NATO aircraft carrying out flights in Crimea would have to seek Russian permission.

“No NATO aircraft can fly over Crimea. The armed forces of the Russian Federation will ensure the complete inviolability of Russia’s borders and territory. Neither NATO nor Ukraine aircraft will fly over Crimea without our knowledge and permission, ”he said.

The deputy also warned the Kyiv government of provocative statements against another state.

“It is time for the Kyiv government to stop declaring foreign territories. If such action is taken on Russian territory, sanctions should be imposed. Western countries should realize that they need to have friendly relations with Russia and not raise the temperature, otherwise things could end miserably, ”Mr. Sheremet concluded.

Recently, Prime Minister of Ukraine – Mr. Denis Shmygal during his meeting with Secretary General of the NATO Union – Mr. Jens Stoltenberg talked about Kiev’s move towards cooperation with NATO in the Black Sea region. Several joint exercises will take place this year, including the Coherent Resilience 2021 which will take place in Odessa.

Verkhovna Rada (Ukrainian Parliament) abandoned Ukraine’s non-alignment in December 2014. In June 2016, joining NATO was identified as one of the country’s foreign policy goals.

Also in February 2019, Ukraine’s roadmap towards European integration and joining the alliance was stated in the Constitution. Thus Ukraine is the sixth country as an expandable NATO partner after Australia, Finland, Georgia, Jordan and Sweden. This statute was introduced in 2014 with the aim of developing deeper bilateral relations.

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