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Russia says: US action is not acceptable


In an interview with TV channel Krym24 on Jan. 28, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that Russian embassies abroad were faced with accounts blocked by US social networks.

Russia says: My operation cannot be accepted
Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova

“The Russian embassies are blocked while the fake sites of Russian embassies abroad operate in the official state. We spend a lot of time going to the offices of US social networking and Internet platforms companies and solving this seemingly primitive problem, “said spokesman Zakharova.

The Russian spokesperson noted that it was necessary to prove to American companies that it was necessary to block sites that were fake Russian embassies. According to Ms. Zakharova, the Russian Foreign Ministry often faces this.

Ms. Zakharova also criticized that the whole world now knows how American social networks and Internet platforms behave after the account blocking of former President Donald Trump.

The statement of the Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson clearly shows the strong criticism of the conduct of the US social media agencies.

Before the US social network blocked the accounts of the Russian embassies, these diplomatic missions were cut off communication by the US government with landlines and power lines. The Russian Consulate General also said that the internet connection to this agency is often problematic.

The Russian side said that such outage by telephone was “unacceptable” and caused “big problems” for the Russian community in New York and surrounding areas.

Although the US side explained the problem as a “technical problem”, the Russians realized that this is not just such a simple problem. Diplomacy-related issues cannot coincide with a time when the United States is tasting cybersecurity issues, rioting at the Capitol and repeatedly blaming election issues on foreign interference. including Russia.

The riot at the Capitol on Jan. 6 took place when Trump supporters broke into the headquarters. Capitol Security forces, National Guard, riot police … were dispatched to repel protesters. The January 6 rebellion made it clear how powerful American social media companies are and how their control also shows loopholes.

Russia says: My operation cannot be accepted
America tasted the “power” of American social networks.

So far, when Russia also faces protests that are also spurred by American social networks operating in Russia, Washington expressed concern, as if they had never experienced January 6.

American social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, … have allowed the transmission of a series of actions, messages, hashtags to entice Russian people to protest, despite Russian officials previously informed. The demonstration was illegal and made a series of calls asking these US companies to remove the contents.

Not to mention, before the demonstration, the US diplomats in Russia had even more agitated moves. The US Embassy in Moscow issued a warning to the Americans in Russia, recommending to stay away from routes that were supposed to have protests.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the move was inappropriate and indirectly meddled in Russia’s internal affairs.

Russia says: My operation cannot be accepted
Protesters supporting Mr. Navalny clashed with Moscow police. Photo: Reuters

The Russian side accused the US embassy of “hypocrisy” after the US side believed that the Russian police’s response to the protest was a planned action to suppress freedom of expression and peaceful protests. But the US side did not compare the rally in Russia and the rally in the US capital on January 6.

The contradiction that the US is showing, along with its double standard behavior with Russia, has been adequately responded to by Moscow.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram … are among the companies fined by Russian authorities for not complying with requests from the local authorities.

Meanwhile, the latest statement from the Russian side of Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova clearly demonstrates Moscow’s outrage: The whole world knows how American social networks behave!

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